Be Your Own Detective - Explore Belgium's Taste in Coke

 boy pissing on a coke
OK, I know I am an American, and I am very American at that.  Even with all of my international police mission experiences.  But geeze.  How can Coke be enticing to drink when someone is pissing on it?

Ugh! I took the photo of this coke machine in Brussels Airport last time I passed through.  Does anyone think that a nice cold coca-cola all covered with piss be refreshing?

I know European thinking is different, but who is the idiot that thought that this kind of marketing would sell a coke.

Note:  I was near this machine for over an hour and a half an no one, not one person bought a coke from this machine.  Duh.

Maybe the pissing boy is the National Symbol of Belgium - wouldn't surprise me, but still - a pissed on soft drink just has no appeal to most folks :)

Stay Safe

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