Be Your Own Detective - Check Out the New Pastor

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Now many churches hire their own pastor. Some go through the denomination , but for those local churches that hire their own pastor - they really should do a background check.

I am not going to get into the discussion of "depending on God" and "operating by faith" as those qualities are admirable, but no where did Jesus say we are to be "blindly lead" and the like.

A lot of people can have a good interview and perhaps no one at the previous church will tell you of the problems if they want the pastor to go quietly. Perhaps the church itself does not know of the pastors activities away from the church. The point is at least check out the obvious. She if he or she has a criminal background or if they are a registered sex offender.

Especially nowdays - here is an example:

Published: May 10, 2009
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Bruce Windsor lived the life of a respectable family man -- father of four, deacon in his South Carolina church, youth soccer coach, a volunteer who helped build orphanages in Brazil. On Feb. 26, four days after his 43rd birthday, he donned a mask, wig and sunglasses and tried to rob a bank at gunpoint, authorities say.

Windsor, it turns out, was falling down a financial hole. A real estate investor who ran several property business, his troubles predated the recession but continued as the housing bubble burst and easy credit for businesses and consumers dried up.
Clad in an orange jumpsuit, his hands cuffed at his waist, Windsor calmly told the judge at his bond hearing: "I've never stolen anything in my life."
Windsor is one of a growing list of unlikely suspects, ordinary people from ministers to ex-cops, who cite financial duress for allegedly turning to a crime that targets fast cash -- bank robbery..."
You can find the story here.
The initial check is not expensive and it can lead to total peace of mind.
Most of all - Be Safe!

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  1. No need to background check to avoid sex offender,only Search Criminal Records help you to know if they are bad or good.


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