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We all know that when hiring people for a job, you need to know more about them. A background check on a potential employees is a must. MySpace could have learned from this.

Friday April 17, 2009 Report: MySpace Employee Arrested Over Stolen Info
Social networks are all about sharing information, of course--photos, interests, inane thoughts. But as Facebook's recent terms of service battle has demonstrated, it's certainly possible to take things too far. Take the example of a MySpace employee recently arrested for theft of employee information.

TechCrunch got the scoop on this one, having been forwarded the info by a number of MySpace employees. According to Michael Arrington, The information theft and arrest is the more serious matter - confidential employee information, including "at least" name, social security numbers and compensation, was taken by an employee in the company's benefit's department without authorization, beginning in June 2008 or earlier.

Reportedly the intent of the theft was to "annoy selected individuals." Because, yeah, few things are more annoying than some practical joker getting a hold of your Social Security number. The power was also reportedly shut off in MySpace's Los Angeles headquarters. Employees have been asked to work from home for the day.

The story can be found here

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You do not need to concern yourself with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) as they do not use credit reports at all for the backgrounds. They glean information from thousands of public records sources to get you the information.

Most of all - be safe!

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  1. right. myspace and other social networking sites are not only viewed by your friends but employers as well. There was actually a survey conducted that revealed a whooping 44% of the respondent-employers uses social networking site to check potential employees. But for the sake of actually having an accurate background check information, employers also utilize background check services.


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