Be Your Own Detective - Reasons to Investigate

We all have our own different reasons to investigate things.

Some people just "need to know" things. Some have lost friends or relatives - our more specifically friends or relatives that they have lost touch with. Some people are just protecting themselves from potential trouble - so they want to know about someone else. Some have criminal cases they want to investigate. Some have civil cases they want to investigate. The list goes on and on.

So why tell you this? You proabably already know all about this. Why I am telling you is simply because what you need to investigate or why - may effect the investigation techniques. If you are investigating anythng for any type of court, you need to first make sure what is acceptable in court. Take recordings for example. In Federal Court and many state courts - as long as one party is aware and voluntarily continues with the conversation, the recording is acceptable in civil and criminal cases. However, some states have laws that differe between civil and criminal cases on this matter. Also, some states do not allow any recordings made if it is over the telephone if either party is unaware of the recording. (That is why you get the line from the credit card company about recording calls).

Now recordings in public places where people are not expected to have privacy are always allowed. Then the only issue becomes do you expect privacy. In most public buildings and businesses - privacy is not expected like stores and resturants. Just look around - security cameras every where. Often signs are posted about surveillance - simply for that purpose - to tell you that you cannot expect privacy. With the posting of the signs - the recordings are acceptable in all courts.

This brings out a point about undercover operations. If you have any doubt that your recording will be acceptable in a court of law, simply arrange the meeting where such signs are posted, or even post your own sign ahead of time. I suggest a professional looking one vs. one you scrawled out with crayon.

Also civil and criminal court "proof" is quite different. In criminal cases - you need to prove to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt. In Civil cases it is more preponderance of the evidence - in other words you have more proof than the other party.

The most important thing to consider on gathering evidence is safety. Whatever you do - so it safely! or in other words ...

Stay Safe!

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