Be Your Own Detective - The Key to Surveillance - Patience

hot woman spyingThe title of this post nearly says it all.  Sometimes a 90 second video is all you need to "bust open" any case.  Well, the real story behind that is that it probably took hours if not days of surveillance to get that useful 90 second clip.

You have to be diligent and patient and ready during your surveillance.

Diligence:  Keep up with the surveillance if you have cause to suspect that your target will have the behavior you wish to catch in photos or video.  Keep up the surveillance can be difficult, especially if you are not paid for it - it takes time - sometimes many man hours to get a small bit of useful evidence.

Patience:  If you let yourself get frustrated or distracted during surveillance, chances are you will miss that little small chance to catch the suspected behavior.  Frustration is useless in surveillance and all it does is lead to useless expenditure of bad emotions.

Ready:  Have your equipment ready on stand by and extra batteries or recording media if needed. If you are not ready - that suspected behavior may only last a few seconds.  If you need to fire up the equipment and you are not ready - well, you miss out on the key thing you spent hours waiting for.

Also you may wish to practice surveillance and using your equipment before doing it for real.  Know the start up time of the camera and focus abilities, lighting, etc.  You do not want to experiment with real target and real surveillance and all you may wind up with is a bunch of blurry photos or video.  That or you may discover that you taking the vide causes too much attention to yourself.

Most of all, whatever you do - be safe!

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