Be Your Own Detective - Investigating Bailouts

I hate to get too political on this blog - as it is a how-to blog about how to be your own detective.  However, I am tired of spend thrifts in Washington D.C. trying to make like they are "helping us" with our money.
Instead of "bailing out" companies that conducted poor business practices, they could have just given each registered voter around five thousand dollars each.  We probably would have done a better job than some of these "financial institutions."

So, who are we bailing out?  Well, ACORN is getting about 20% of the bailout.  The same ACORN that has already been found guilty of fraud in voter registrations - and still has 12 pending cases of fraud concerning voter registration and voting.  But wait, maybe we need to bail them out because our government is going to use the same fraud-ridden company to conduct parts of the U.S. Census.  Yeah, if they were belly-up, maybe they couldn’t give as an “honest” profile of our country.

Barney Frank – what is he trying to do?  I think he wants us all to forget that he was the key player responsible for letting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fail under his watch.  Yeah he is all “we need AIG to not spend these bonuses” when as far back as 2003 he was warned that the two main financial parts of Federal Housing Loans were going to fail.  He chose to ignore it – then blamed it on lack of regulations.  So, what had he done to propose regulations?  If you guessed nothing, you are correct.

Well, I got that off my chest – Be Your Own Detective and investigate all of this.  Don’t just sit back and let your money go down the drain.  Investigate, then contact your representative or Senator about these issues.

Most of all - Stay Safe!


  1. Have you ever watched "The Obama Deception" documentary? Although the title draws our attention, it matters only in part to the story- About the banking cartels giving orders behind closed doors.

    EVERYONE smarter than a squirrel can sense that something is just plain wrong with our "leaders" actions. As if they're not necessarily for the people.

    Our representatives receiving threats? What power do they have when even they can be threatened into making decisions?
    Or not even have the option to be a part of the decision making process?

    It all boils down to public education in my opinion. Because only an educated public can govern themselves, and if you don't educate the children well enough, then you can easily control that generation. If only a handful of people own most major news networks, then you control the continuous education of not only children, but most of the population. They need to start giving truthful and worthwhile news- not entertainment.

    Right now the public has a chance to educate themselves VIA the internet and a few "old-heads," but our society in general no longer respects elders so they're out, and they're trying to do away our best information source ever, the internet.

  2. I just want to add that just because some of our elders don't know what an iPod is doesn't mean they don't know squat. It's ashame our society makes some of our elders even feel they're useless just because they don't know what an iPod is too, a horrible shame.

    Generally speaking, knowledge is power and with time comes wisdom, and wisdom is a most important form of knowledge. Without wisdom, I think there is little understanding of virtue.

  3. David - I agree, that most can see that there is a lot inherently wrong with what our leadership is doing.

    There are, however some still blinded by Obama's "Jedi Mind Tricks" (but they only work on the weak minded).

    Thanks for stopping by and reading

  4. I've written several articles about the bailout. It's just so sad, no matter what the govenment does, its always the citizens who are marginalized. Is it time for another world view to come to the surface? Is capitalism finally falling? As long as there's corporate America, the citizens will always lose.


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