Old Movie Stuff That Really Works

Sometimes people watch an old movie and they wonder if some of the old detective stuff works.

Here are some of them that do:

Rubbing the notepad with pencil lead sideways. Yes boys and girls this old "movie trick" really works on notepads. Of course a real detective may also process the paper with Ninhydrin Spray for fingerprints.

Redial on the phone - duh of course it works, but be ready to say something besides wrong number.

Burned coffee grounds to kill the smell of a dead body. (Ok this may be from a book and not a movie) Yes, I have been there and done that - and it works!

Wax or clay imprint of a key - works on some keys to make a copy.

Yes, you can hide in plain site by becoming a janitor, maid, room service guy, window washer, etc.

I will do more old movie tricks in a later post. Let me know yours!

Be safe!


  1. Just as plain as an ox eating grass, Barry. Like talcomb powder for finger prints.

    You should be cannonized--for your knowledge of every detective trick known to man.

  2. Jack - Thanks and yes taclum Powed works for fingerprints as does baking soda.


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