Be Your Own Detective - Lie Detecting

Lie Detecting - it is something investigators have wished they could do from nearly the beginning of civilization. There have been many methods used over the ages - but basically it is all witchcraft.

Yes, even "modern day" polygraph tests are little more than intimidation and witchcraft. The National Academy of Sciences did a study on polygraph testing a few years ago and found that it aw just about as effective to flip a coin to determine truth telling vs. lies. I put "modern day" in quotes as there has been no real advancement in technology for polygraphs since the thirties, despite the fact that they hook them up to a computer nowdays.

What polygraph examiners don't want you to know, is that if they get you to "confess" to something - and it really matters not what, that they have found "deception" and have had a successful polygraph test.

The lie behind the "lie detector." What the examiner does is asks the person a set of questions. They tell the subject that certain questions are "control" questions - when in fact the so-called control questions are just filler and nothing more. Things like is the sky blue - blah, blah. These are technically referred to as irrelevant questions.

The other part of their "test" is that they ask you a question that they expect everyone to lie on. They use this measure to gauge your "level of guilt" on key questions. The problem is, if you answer this question completely truthfully, you will be screwed by the test.

For pre-employment screening purposes, a polygraph exam is totally useless. First of all the test can be manipulated by the examinee. Secondly - vagueness of the test questions invalidate any possible results of the test - no matter which way it goes. The funniest part is to get a "government job" you pretty much need to pass a polygraph. This is one reason our intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies have poor internal security. There is a dependence on this "house of cards" as a security measure to screen candidates. All polygraph examinations do is eliminate basically honest people from the jobs. The really bad guys have no issue with it.

As far as getting crooks to confess crimes- the polygraph is great. The test cannot be used in court, but any confession made as a result can. This doesn't mean the polygraph works, it just means that the examinee believes it works and is afraid and confesses because of it.

You can find more information on polygraphs here. They even tell you how to beat the polygraph. Interesting stuff there.

Good luck trying to really detect lies.

Stay safe!


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