Be Your Own Detective - Investigating Search Engines

I have an observation about this blog and the site it is associated with.  When I search for "be your own detective" in Google I don't know how many pages before this site appears.  Google shows sites that have not been updated for years before mine - and I am somewhat amazed at what kind of logic can be behind Googles search process.

If I search the same in Yahoo, MSN or nearly any other search engine, this blog is always in the top ten.  Now I am not saying that to say this blog is so great, but how is it that all other search engines recognize this site right away, and Google does not?

All I can assume is that once before someone else may have owned this domain and they did something to aggravate Google and get "banned" or something.   I update my blog regularly, I keep my site up to date, but somehow it isn't enough to rate above two sites in particular that have out-of-date information on the,

Well, I will continue investigating this - but I have come to the conclusion that Google is just an odd mystery for me. 

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  1. Google works differently to the other engines. You need more external sites linking to you with the correct 'anchor' text. Like this for mouse cursors and this for Maltese dogs


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