Caylee Anthony - Update

Here is an interesting twist to the Caylee Anthony case:

On December 11, Roy Kronk, a meter reader found a skull not far from the Anthony home.

On the 19th the remains were identified as tthose of Caylee Anthony.

The Meter Reader, Roy Kronk, who found the skull, reported finding something suspicious on August 11, 12, and 13th. These calls were directed to detectives who stated that the area had already been "cleared" or who only made a cursory check and decided the bag was garbage.

This concerns me as a former police officer and detective that on a case of a missing girl, more efforts were not put in to investigating these calls.

These remains have now been determined to indeed belong to Caylee anthony.

Updated timeline:

  • June 9: Casey Anthony said that on June 9, she dropped Caylee off at a babysitter who lived at the Sawgrass Apartments. She said the babysitter's name was Zenaida Gonzalez.

  • June 9 - July 12: Casey Anthony tells her parents that she had been going to work every day and that Caylee had been staying with friends or nannies.

  • June 12: George Anthony says Caylee was spotted by friends of the Anthony family in a shopping area near the Orange-Seminole county lines. She was wearing a pink and blue outfit and white-rimmed sunglasses.

  • June 15: In her testimony in Casey Anthony's bond hearing, Caylee's grandmother, Cindy Anthony, revised her estimate of the last time she saw the girl. Cindy Anthony said video of Caylee reading a book helped her remember that Caylee went with her to visit her father at an assisted living facility on Father's Day.

  • June 24 or June 25: Detective Corp. Yuri Melich testified during Casey Anthony's bond hearing that a witness came forward who said he had talked to Casey on the phone on either June 24 or June 25 and that he heard Caylee in the background. The witness said that at one point in the conversation Casey told Caylee to get down from the table.

  • June 30: The car Casey had been using is towed from the Amscot store on Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive.

  • July 12: After they had not seen Caylee for some time, the girl's grandparents got concerned and confronted Casey, convincing her to go to the sheriff's office.

  • July 15: The Sheriff's Office is notified that Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9.

  • July 16: The car found abandoned is picked up by the Anthony family from the wrecker company

  • July 16: Police talk to Zenaida Gonzalez who says she does not know Casey Anthony. Police also take Casey to Universal Studios where she said she worked. After leading them to a building, she admitted she was no longer employed there.July 16: Casey Anthony is arrested.

  • July 16: George Anthony turns over Casey's laptop to police. This revealed photos of Caylee and an elderly male taken on June15th

  • July 17: The Sheriff's Office takes possession of the car and finds evidence of possible human decomposition. The car is sent to the forensics bank.

  • July 17: The Sheriff's office starts to search the backyard of the Anthony house.

  • July 17: Sheriff's Deputies get phone records (407) 619-9286 - Casey's phone.

  • July 17: Casey Anthony is officially charged with child neglect, lying to investigators and interfering with a criminal investigation. The judge denies bond because she showed a "woeful disregard for the welfare of her child."

  • July 21: Police got a warrant for DNA samples from Casey.

  • July 22: A bond hearing is held for Casey Anthony. Her mother, father, brother and a detective in the case all testify. The judge sets bail at $500,000.

  • July 22: Police confirmed that Caylee had been seen on Father's Day by Casey's parents.

  • July 29: Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, asks a judge to bar the release of jail house recorded conversations, 911 tapes and visitor logs to the media. That request was denied.

  • July 30: The Fifth District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach deny Baez's appeal of the $500,000 bond, asking that it be reduced to $10,000. That appeal was denied.

  • July 31: George and Cindy Anthony are interviewed by the FBI

  • July 31: There is a fake email sent to Casey Anthony as if she were a Universal Employee from a "Thomas Franck" - it was later proven that no such person worked for Universal and the originating email address was bogus.

  • Aug. 1: The Orange County Sheriff's Office take several bags of evidence from the Anthony home.

  • Aug 5: Police get and execute a search warrant on George and Cindy Anthony's residence.Aug. 8: Casey refuses to see her brother, Lee, for a scheduled meeting. Lee's visit is rescheduled for Tuesday.

  • Aug. 9: Caylee's third birthday comes and goes with no new leads on the missing girl's whereabouts.

  • Aug. 10: Casey cancels a scheduled meeting with her parents, the second time in three days she has refused to meet with her family.

  • Aug 11: Roy Kronk reported seeing a gray bag on the side of the road. A deputy responded, but the worker was no longer at the scene, and the deputy did not see the bag.

  • Aug. 12: George Anthony says that he believes Caylee was kidnapped and that the kidnappers are being watched.

  • Aug 12: Kronk called a police crime line. The call was sent to a detective, who told the meter reader that the area had been searched and cleared by cadaver dogs, police said.

  • Aug 13: Kronk reported finding a bag in a swampy area, and a deputy was dispatched. The deputy looked at the area but found nothing, thinking the "bag" may have just been trash.

  • Aug. 15: Two private invesigators meet with Casey. Investigators were identified as Edward Phlegar and Casey Dominic, both investigators for Casey's attorney, Jose Baez.

  • Aug. 16: California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla announces he and his nephew, bail bondsman Tony Padilla, will fly to Orlando and post Casey's $500,000 bond. Padilla says they are doing this to "find the baby."Aug. 17: Leonard Padilla arrives in Orlando.

  • Aug. 20: Leonard and Tony Padilla post bond necessary for Casey's release.

  • Aug. 21: Casey is released from prison at 10:30 a.m. after being fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

  • Aug. 26: Hundreds of documents are released in the investigation into Caylee's disappearance. The documents reveal Cindy Anthony called her daughter, Casey, a sociopath and a "mooch." The documents also say Casey wanted to give Caylee up for adoption, according to a friend of Casey's, but Cindy would not let her.

  • Aug. 27: The Orange County Sheriff's Offices fires Recruit Deputy Anthony Rusciano, who may have had ties to Casey Anthony. Deputies say Rusciano provided inaccurate and incomplete responses on an ongoing criminal investigation. It is not confirmed if the investigation is related to the case of Casey Anthony.

  • Aug. 29: Casey is rearrested on economic crime charges not related to Caylee's disappearance. The charges include uttering a fraudulent instrument, petty theft, and fraudulent use of personal information. Deputies say they have surveillance video of Casey using forged checks.

  • Aug. 29: Deputies serve Casey, George, Cindy and Lee Anthony with criminal witness subpoenas to appear in court sometime in November.

  • Aug. 30: Texas EquuSearch, a mounted search and recovery group, arrive in Central Florida to help search for Caylee.

  • Aug. 30: New bond for Casey Anthony is set for $3,000 for charges not related to Caylee's disappearance. The original posted bond has been revoked, so Casey will remain in jail even if the new bond is posted.

  • Aug. 31: The Orange County Sheriff's Office confirms hair found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car belonged to Caylee.

  • Sept. 2: Casey Anthony refuses an offer of limited immunity in exchange for information leading to Caylee.

  • Sept. 4: An anonymous person posts the $500,000 bond for Casey Anthony through two Florida bonding companies. (Turned out to be George and Cindy Anthony)

  • Sept. 5: Casey Anthony is to be released from jail for a second time on bond. She will be required to wear an ankle monitoring device.

  • Sept. 6: Orange County deputies retrieve a handgun from the trunk of George Anthony's car. Having a gun on the property is a violation of Casey's bail, but since it seems Casey was unaware of the gun, she is not taken back into custody.

  • Sept. 7: Texas EquuSearch temporarily calls off the search for Caylee Anthony, citing environmental conditions and concerns.

  • Sept. 15: Casey Anthony turns herself in on new economic charges unrelated to Caylee's disappearance. The charges include uttering a forged instrument, petty theft and criminal use of personal information.

  • Sept. 16: Casey Anthony was taken before a judge and then released on $1,250 bond. She was, again, fitted with an ankle monitoring device.

  • Sept. 23: 591 pages of files were released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, including text messages, interviews with family and friends.

  • Oct. 14: A grand jury indicts Casey Anthony on seven counts, including first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of providing false information.

  • Oct. 15: Casey Anthony has her first appearance before a judge and no bond is allowed because she has been charged with a captial crime -- murder.

  • Oct. 21: Child neglect charges are dropped against Casey Anthony after she is charged wtih murder and child abuse.

  • Oct. 22: A tip line established by the Anthony family for leads to help find Caylee alive opened at midnight. The number is (888) 231-5618.

  • Oct. 24: Forensic tests on the trunk of Casey Anthony's car are released. The air sample tests show evidence of human decomposition, and that a hair found in the trunk is "microscopically similar" to hair found in Caylee's hair brush. The report also confirmed the presence of chloroform.

  • Oct. 28: Trial date on first-degree murder charges set for Jan. 5. A pre-trial date was set for Dec. 11.

  • Oct. 31: Orange County Jail officials warn Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, about hugging his client during jail visits.

  • Nov. 5: Judge agrees to continue Casey's check fraud hearing to Dec. 11.

  • Nov. 8: Texas EquuSearch leads group of volunteers in a search of a 25-acre area around Orlando International Airport for Caylee. They found nothing.

  • Nov. 13: Divers search a lake in Blanchard Park for Caylee Anthony. A plastic bag with what appeared to be bones and toys, and that was weighed down with bricks, was recovered. However, authorities said the find was not significant to the investigation.

  • Nov. 14: World famous forensic scientist Henry Lee examines Casey Anthony's car. Police said they found evidence of human decomposition and a hair belonging to Caylee in the trunk.

  • Nov. 19: Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla says one of his associates -- who had been inside the Anthony home -- told him that Casey criticized people looking for her daughter, saying they hadn't even found the clothes she was wearing.

  • Nov. 20: Attorney Mark NeJame resigns as the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony.

  • Nov. 21: Anthony family releases photo to News 13 that they received of a little girl playing at a mall that they think could be Caylee.

  • Nov. 25: Judge Stan Strickland orders prosecutors to turn over all evidence to the defense. He also ruled that the defense can't test the hair found in Casey Anthony's trunk because there is too little of a sample left.

  • Dec. 4: Jailhouse visits between Caylee and her family are released.

  • Dec. 5: State says it will not seek the death penalty against Casey Anthony.Dec. 10: Jose Baez requests Caylee sightings video through subpoena duces tecum.

  • Dec 11: Roy Kronk, a meter reader, finds a skull not far from the Anthony home.

  • Dec. 11: Judge Stan Strickland postpones the murder trial of Casey Anthony. A new status hearing is set for Jan. 15.

  • Dec. 12: Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary says the skeletal remains' measurements and hair color match that of Caylee Anthony. The Kid Finders Network calls off actively searching for Caylee.

  • Dec. 18: Sheriff's spokesman Angelo Nieves says that they continue to find more bones in the area where a child's skeletal remains were found and are expanding their search to a larger area. He also said the meter reader who found the remains had called in tips three times before on Aug. 11-13. Deputies responded to one of those calls.

  • Dec 19: The Orange-Osceola County Medical Examiner confirms that the remains found near the Anthony home do belong to Caylee Marie Anthony.

Well, That's about it for now - Y'all stay safe!


  1. The entire Caylee story is just very very sad. I'm a curious to see what happens when on trial.

  2. Crimcheck - Yes it is sad indeed.

  3. Barry, Isn't this the most road twisting crime you have heard of, so many events happening and still no solid evidence about how Caylee came to such a horrible ending. The trial will be very interesting and I have been glue to the news about this case ever since Aug 4 when I watch Greta interview with George and Cindy.

  4. This has been an interesting case. What makes it difficult is the likelyhood of Casey being a psychopath. It is nearly impossible to tell what a psychopath is really thinking, and reality and fantasy are not so much seperated.

    Throw in the protective parents (of Casey) and dad is an ex-cop who knows all the right moves - and you have a recipie for a real convoluted mess.

    Unfortunately solving crimes like this is not as easy as on an episode of CSI, and suspects don't always break down when confronted with the evidence.


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