Update: Be Caylee Anthony's Detective

After Casey was bonded out – she ended up back in jail (for fraud- what a surprise!)

The first release came when “Bounty Hunter” Padilla bonded Casey out of jail but his statement that he could get her to tell him about Caylee over a burger and fries was a little naive. He may be able to track down people who run but he lacks interviewing/interrogation skills.

Casey is a most likely psychopath so you are not going to "buy" favors from her. She's all in this for herself and always has been.

The lieguy has several interesting small posts about this case

– and Casey is now released …again!

Atlanta, Ga. 9/05/2008 01:41 PM GMT (TransWorldNews - Top Story)

Casey Anthony, mother of missing three-year-old daughter Caylee
Anthony, has once again been freed from jail after her $500,000 bond was posted
by her parents..

Anthony has been named a person
of interest in Caylee’s disappearance but has not been called a suspect. She was
jailed for nearly a month after she was charged with child neglect and lying to
investigators. The 22-year-old mother was then jailed a second time last weekend
when police arrested her on unrelated charges of check fraud.

The story can be found here.

Here is the problem with getting information out of a psychopath like Casey:

  • More appropriate details provided by psychopathic offenders compared to nonpsychopathic offenders when lying (but no difference when telling the truth)
  • No difference in narrative length between the true and false conditions among psychopathic offenders, and for both groups, truthful narratives were longer than false narratives
  • For psychopathic offenders, spontaneous corrections more frequent when lying compared to telling the truth. This is opposite to the finding with non-criminal populations - according to CBCA, the presence of spontaneous corrections is thought to be associated with credibility.
  • Psychopathic offenders judged less credible than non-psychopathic offenders, even when telling the truth. Seven times less likely to be judged credible to be precise.
  • Narratives produced by psychopathic offenders were judged to be less coherent overall than narratives produced by non-psychopathic offenders.

Of course then there is the chloroform. Now what would Casey need chloroform for?

The detection of chloroform in the trunk of the car driven by Casey Anthony,
along with evidence that she researched the chemical on the Internet, does not
bode well for the mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony, in the opinion of
investigative criminal profiler Pat Brown.

“I think it’s pretty damning information,” Brown told TODAY co-host
Meredith Vieira on Friday. “There’s no reason for chloroform to be in that
trunk. You’re not going to use it as a cleaning fluid around your house.

“I think I’d like to see them all on a polygraph,” Brown said. “I think
they’d all fail."

That story is found here.

Of course, no one has found little Caylee. It seems more and more like she will not be found alive.

I will have a few things to say about polygraphs in a later post.

Stay Safe!!!

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