Read Deleted Text Messages From a SIM Card

Have you ever come across the need to recover deleted text messages from your cell phone? Maybe you accidentally deleted it. Ok, let's face it - you want to snoop on someone else's phone. If it has a SIM card, and you have access to it for a while - you can get all kinds of good stuff off the phone - deleted or not!

Maybe you are nosy about someone else's deleted text messages. Maybe you want to do even more. You may want to find out about deleted recent calls - received or dialed. Well, fortunately all you that want to be your own detective - you can do just that.
Cell Phone Spy Elite: SIM Card Reader

Now you can read text messages and more form a cell phone's SIM card. You can even download deleted text messages to find out what kind of texts have been sent and received on a cell phone. It Does take a special device, but this device is quite affordable especially considering what it can do.

The Cell Phone Spy Elite: SIM Card Reader has recovered a substantial amount of deleted text messages from every SIM card tested. That doesn't mean it will work with every single SIM card, as these cards do vary quite a bit. It does work, law enforcement agencies and private detectives all over the world have used this exact device to obtain deleted text messages. Even if you never use this thing - it is nice to know this information can be had this way.


  1. Thanks for the headsup, I never knew that even deleted messages stayed on a sim card. Do you know of any devices that can clean a sim card?

  2. Hmmmmm.... nice gadget... I want one ... can you give me one? hahahaha :P

  3. Louis - No I don't right now

    EG - It is a nice gadget - but You will need to buy your own :P


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