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Dumbest crook ever robs his daughter:

This story is brought to you by the word, "Really."

There's so much to love about this story. A dumb crook barges into a pizza place with a toy gun, slaps a teenager working there who then unloads on him. Don't worry, it's all caught on tape. But wait! As he beats the tar out of this robber, one of his co-workers yells, 'Don't hit him again! That's my dad!' Really?

Wow. I mean. Really?

While this young woman is working to make money, her mom, dad and husband are cruising to rob someplace. They settle on her place of employment? Really? That seemed like a good idea? Slapping around a teenager seemed like a good idea? Trying to hide your identity with a loosely worn wig and then picking a fight -- you didn't see that coming, that your wig might come off and you might be exposed and your daughter might ID you? There's nowhere else to rob? This is how you get money, not by following the example of your daughter and actually working? Really?

That story came from here.

“Gimme $50 Or I’ll Stab You With This Palm Frond!”

A man in DeLand, Florida, held up a store there in a crime that police described as one of the most bizarre that they have ever seen. His weapon of choice? A palm frond.

Police there say that the man, identified as Gelando Olivieri, attempted to rob the V&F Discount Beverage store by threatening harm with a spiked Spanish bayonet, a palmetto-like plant with sharp points on its leaves.

“The man came in with the branch. I have never seen anything like this,” owner Goutam Sarkar told the DeLand-Deltona Beacon, a newspaper there, June 19.

Surveillance video showed Olivieri wildly waving the palm frond right in front of a worker’s face.

According to investigators, Olivieri threatened to use the leaves to stab if he wasn’t given $50.

Before Olivieri got any money, he was chased out of the store by a man armed with a barstool.

Olivieri was arrested a short time after the crime and charged with armed robbery. (Maybe that should be “palmed robbery”.)

I think he shoulad used a chair instead of a palm frond - :))

I hope you enjoyed the stories -

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  1. Enjoyed them, I loved them. It alwasy amazes me how dumb alot of criminals are. Of course they arent all dumb. Some are very clever, cunning, and plan very well what they will do and when.

  2. Melissa - you are absolutely right - some are very cunning and clever indeed. I just checkle when I read these stories though.

  3. wow--this is great--just stumbled on your blog- now im coming back for laughs. : ) You know whats funny though, i totally watch A&E cold case all of the time and at this point i feel like im doing the detective work right along with them. I have so much respect for your profession though.


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