Comparing Online Detective Programs

Online Detective Programs: First, I would like to say that an online detective program is not magic, it will not give you an NCIC criminal records check, and it will not get you credit report information. If they cannot do that, how can they be useful? First, let me explain basically how they all work. Each one has it's own software and they way they gather information, so they are not all alike. What these programs do is save you hours and hours of researching public records, and maybe checking from state to state or even county by county. They access all online public records they can, and then they compile the information in a database, so you can see how expensive it could be to do all of this. Some services they have to pay for, that is why they end up charging. Now I am sure they get volume discounts and the like, but hey, to me the information is worth it. I find that they are very useful tools to find people, of find things out for people. I have found lost relatives and phone number owners for harassers.

Scams: Some people have claimed that these programs are scams, simply because they could not find the one thing they were looking for. Most of these programs have a satisfaction guarantee of up to 8 weeks. The point is, instead of crying because you did not get results you wanted, get your money back. It is that simple.

OK, so I get asked about which "online detective" program is best to use all the time. In reality they all have strengths and weaknesses. I have found things with some that I have not found with others. I have given some notes on the ones I have used and seem to be the most effective. If you have used any of these programs, I would appreciate your feedback – good and bad.

The Net Detective is the premiere online investigator resource. Real-life private investigators use the Net Detective every day. When we compared these "people finder" people lookups, the Net Detective consistently found updated information on people that the others failed to provide.

With the Net Detective you can not only use it as a people finder, a people search for background records, you can also do a reverse phone number lookup, you can also find unknown phone numbers by name - Something most other online investigation tools fail to use.

The Net Detective has a very simple user interface and produces complete professional reports in minutes - usually in seconds.

Note: I have used the Net Detective myself, and I have found people using this that no other "background check" service found. I was even able to unite a daughter and her estranged dad using this service.

The cost is $29.00 for three full years! That is about the same price as an individual report from the others. You can still make lookups for the next three years!

Use the Net Detective now!

Now is one of the many people search public records search services based on CIS.

They have millions of records that you can easily access. It may be the largest database of all the people search sites. You will have access to all of CIS services and their complete background report is a very professional presentation of very detailed data. has an easy user interface and is backed by Clickbank's eight week money back guarantee. Many private investigation services use this service. I have used CIS services and I have been very pleased with it. I was able to track down a person by only a phone number, I then was able to complete a background check that revealed the entire family at the residence. It enabled me to complete a case in record time.

You can choose to do one complete background report or sign up to the premiere services for one year free people lookups for free.

Public Records Pro
When you run an instant public records search with you'll get access to full birth, death, and other vital record information, which includes (when available): Public Records, Birth records, Death records, Marriage / divorce filings, County public records, Criminal background records.

In addition to vital records, you'll get access to search tools and useful information such as cemetery records, local newspaper archives, county court records, and much more! Never before has all of this information been organized, collected, and made accessible in one easy-to-use interface. I have used these services and can say that it is a very comprehensive public records search tool. Millions of records are searched instantly.

Through cross-linking and intelligent match tools, we'll also help connect you with information that hasn't been digitized yet. That makes Public Records Pro the perfect service for genealogy, finding out more information about someone, or tracing your family tree.

Try Public Records Pro now!!

Government Resources
Government Resources has a good deal for the price. It is also one of those one-stop shops for all sorts of investigations.

It is 100% legal and has a lot of organized databases. You can have access to complete research tools to obtain public information about practically anyone from the privacy of your own home or office. You can: Search Public Records , Lookup Sex Offenders, Find Court & Criminal Records of Inmates, Locate People's Phone Numbers & Addresses, Lookup Old Marriage Records for Your Family History, Lookup Death Records, Search Civil Records, Find Census Records, and Businesses & Bankruptcies.

Gov-Resources is a simple, fast, and low-cost solution.

Use Government Resources Now

Intelius is a more "professional" background search engine. When I say professional, I mean even the police use this service to track down information they do not have available either. As a matter of fact of all the services I have looked at, it is the only one that meets FCRA guidelines. Those are the legal rules that basically guide how employers and landlords can conduct background checks on prospective employees and tenants respectively. Intelius is a good choice if you only have a single check to perform. It will be less expensive. However, it is not the best deal if you want to conduct multiple background checks on individuals.

Instant Statewide Employment checks run $29.95 – Nationwide $59.95 Complete Background reports run $49.95 They also offer an identity theft protection program for $7.95 a month.

Go to Intelius now.

I hope these descriptions help you to choose which program you would like to use if you need it. Most of all –

Be Safe!


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  2. My research reveals that the reason why we have so many scammers on the net is two fold, people lead a busy life and people just do not know what to do? so, I wrote a short hub giving simple how to do steps with links to do it with. I call it "Report Scammers!"

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  4. Intriguing stuff, Barry. Makes sense. No reason public records cannot be scanned, en masse, and the data tucked away in comparable form to similar data. Gosh, with your skills you could become the world's greatest P.I. Ever think of that?

  5. Jack - Thanks for comment - I may go into PI work when I am done with what I am doing.


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