Caylee Anthony - Small Update

Well, more information comes out on this case. Maybe you guys are tired of hearing about it. Just so you can see the "official" records of the twisted story of this case - I have a copy of the search warrant and return available here. It just goes to shw you what is available by searching public records.

It is worth the read if you have the time to see it. You can see more of the story yourself. It makes you wonder more and more about the whole family after reading this.

I really feel for Caylee - Happy Birthday Caylee, where ever you are.


  1. The one thing that caught my attention, that the press is not talking about, is the fact that the grandfather was a cop at one point in time. Are they covering up a crime for their daughter? Are they covering up a crime for themselves, and the daughter has taken the wrap? The news reported yesterday, maybe she drowned in the pool, and it was accidental. Then why all the secrecy. I think, and this is just me, the father of Caylee, who they say is deceased, is the reason for all the secrecy. They dont want his family to know they have a grandchild, whatever the reason for that may be.

  2. I forgot to say Happy Birthday Caylee. I hope she is safe, somewhere, not being tortured or abused.

  3. Melissa - Casey's father not saying much is not a surprise - whether she is guilty or not. All of the things they say just does not add up.

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