Random Saftey Tips from Be Your Own Detective

Wow! - I just realized that I have not posted for nearly a week. I have been busy in my new job, but I thought I had been making posts more regularly.

What I decided to do, was make a quick post about safety tips. Not stuff like use your turn signals and such, but some real life safety tips for real live people. These are not in any particular order, just some points to consider.

1. When walking to your car or to your house keep your keys in your hand. Keys can make a great make-shift weapon. Also, if something starts happening you have your keys out already, and you don't have to fumble/digg for your keys.

2. Don't be talking on your cell phone as you are entering your house or car. You do not need to be distracted when entering your home or your car. These are likely times for an ambush by a wanna-be badguy. If you are on the phone it is hard to call for help. The person on the other end of the line may not think you are serious if you start asking for help (especially if you tend to be a joker).

3. Be armed. I don't mean pepper spray - but that is better than nothing. Now some places you may go it is illegal to carry a firearm or even a knife (schools, bars, courthouse). But in normal situations, be armed. Heck, even liberals arm themselves! If you arm yourself - know how to use the weapon. Practice with it. If it is a handgun, know how to fire, reload, and how to safely carry it. If you choose a knife - the same principles apply.

4. If you are in a city, and someone pulls a gun on you - run! Yes, I said run. If you can run to/behind cover do so. Concealment is better than nothing, but cover is best. What is cover? Stuff bullets don't go through - normally brick walls, engine blocks, dirt - things like that. Most would-be badguys are not trained on firearms and are unlikely to get a kill shot off on you. In most cities, 70-90% of people shot with a firearm survive because they get to a hospital in time. If you are in a rural area, your survival rate diminishes because of the time it takes to get to the hospital. The odds are in your favor to run. Of course, if you are armed - AFTER you take cover - return fire!

5. Always look for an alternate "out." Remember that defensive driving course? In driving it works! Also whenever you are walking or in a business/restaurant - be observant of alternative exits in case someone goes postal, there is a fire, or other emergencies. Remember - some places offer up you making your own new exit - windows, interior walls, etc. I am not talking being paranoid - just be observant of thse things - it takes all of 2 seconds.

These are just some random safety tips to check out. Maybe I will make this a regular thing.

Remember - Stay Safe!

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