Be Your Own Detective - Find Out Where You Car Goes

Sometimes - you just have to know. Do you want to know where your car has been? You've got your reasons I am sure. Maybe you want to snoop on your husband/wife/mate/girlfriend/boyfriend. (Note: It is illegal to use this on another person's vehicle without their permission) Maybe you are just the nosy type, or maybe you have some other reasonable need to know. One thing you can do is hire a Private Investigator.
Private Investigators
But I will tell you right now. He - ok OR she, will probably just use one of these:

Mini TrackerBut if you are Daddy Warbucks (or his gold-digger) go ahead and pay $500 bucks or more a day! I am all for employing detectives. Or... you could play detective yourself (after all, this IS Be Your Own Detective) and "tail" your own car. Heck, at today's gas prices who can afford to do that? What the Mini Tracker is - a great way to track where your vehicle has been.

What this wonderful little gizmo does - it accurately logs where a the car has been, how fast they drove, where they stopped and for how long. Then you can even get the information displayed on a map. Just how cool is that? You can use it on a person too - maybe you want to record where you hike on your next camping trip - this little baby can do just that.
This cool Mini Tracker is a great bang for your bucks! It is an accurate GPS tracking data logger system. It even comes in a weather-proof case with a magnetic mounting system! Just stick it on the car , um, where ever you can actually find steel and you are set. (or for the people with metal plates in their head)

Y'all Stay Safe!


  1. Hi I just added you to the EntreCard Power Dropping Page. You are listed in Blogs 101-110...My blog entry wasn't clear, I fixed it up and noticed you did not link to The Power Dropping Page, You can do this in a blog entry or anyplace on youir blog. Thanks.

  2. OK I will add a link someplace

  3. Mini tracker is an awesome concept. kinda creepy though.

  4. Are there any that allow you to retrieve the information wirelessly? Or maybe even in real-time?

  5. jackie - yeah, a lot of spy things seem kinda creepy :)

    gsmith - yep there are real time trackers, they are just a lot more expensive. Just click the spy gear 4u widget in my sidebar and search their site.


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