Be Your Own Detective – Check Out Your Date

Are you paranoid to check out a potential date or someone you have just started dating?

That is an interesting Question. In today's society with all the dangers that exist out there – paranoia may not be the best description. How about this: it is just being careful. If it is someone you have just met, it is not a trust issue per-say. Now I will digress on trust.

Trust: I always used to think that trust was earned and you did it by doing various trustworthy things. Now, someone is more likely to trust you if you act trustworthy. But the bottom line is – trust is given, it isn't earned. I know many of my readers are not believers, but even if you aren't play along for a line or two. If trust is earned, then why would God say – or we would be taught by a prophet to "Trust in the Lord…" I mean, if anyone already has earned trust it would be God. OK, now consider this: Let's say there is someone that you want to trust you. (I am wondering why you concern yourself with this, but I will continue.) So you go out and be overly honest, (in other words, jump through enough hoops)

making sure you act totally in a trustworthy way and that person still does not trust you. How many "trust points" must you earn to become trustworthy? You are trusted when the other person trusts you – period. You cannot earn it, it is always given.
Back to checking out the date: Why would you want to do this? It depends, if you want to give the person your trust for no reason, then go ahead. Just don't blame me at the end of the relationship that you were "cleaned out." Your life may be at risk. That is right – I am not being overly dramatic, but sometimes a person who is a killer is on the loose. He or she may have not been convicted, or may have served time and is already out. What about your kids, or other family members? It isn't just about you, you need to consider others.

You could just meditate on your date to find out if he or she is OK…

You can ask God if your date is OK,

Or you can use my motto: In God We Trust – All Others Are Investigated :)

You don't have to sift through thousands of public records…

…there are companies that will do that for you.

Running a background check can be done discretely, without the other person knowing it. "Wouldn't I be hiding something from the other person if I did that?" you may ask. I guess you would, but what is wrong with that? I guess there is this non-written rule that some have that says you need to be "totally honest" and reveal such things. I don't see how that makes any sense or makes any difference. If you feel bad or guilty somehow about it, I guess tell them you did it. All I can see it being is a bad thing to do so, but hey, it's your life. I don't see how not mentioning that would make you no longer totally honest. There are some things people just shouldn't tell another person.

Anyhow, just think about it. You can search from this blog and get court records, or use the Net Detective link at the top of this blog. If you are really concerned – use both! So far I have found a few more things with the Net Detective than with Court Records, and it is good for 3 years. However, I do use both, and I think they are both excellent tools.

Remember- Stay Safe!

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