Some Love and Reviews for Be Your Own Detective!

Well, I am astonished as to all the love this blog has received lately! There was mention of this blog in Blog Catalogs Blog (I know almost redundant huh?)

Then there was a great review at I am really impressed at how well written that review is! All I know is, it seems to pay off when you recognize other people's efforts and post about them. It seems that most of the internet is quite reciprocal when it comes to a little credit here and there.

A big thanks to both Blog Catalog and !


  1. Just read the review of your site and wow! what a great review. I love your site and tips too so this comes as no surprise to me!! Good for you!!!

  2. HNWM - Thanks! Like I have said - the review there is a better explanation of my site than I have come up with

  3. Those were great reviews. I must say I am impressed with your blog :)

    Off topic, regarding your comment on my post I Don't Want a Prince Charming

    I have a reply, you have to read it. LOL! See yah around and thanks for dropping by.

  4. earthinggorgeous - thanks! and I was kidding - just seeing if I could get a reaction from you :P


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