Giving Credit where Credit is Due

First, I thank all who have ever linked to this blog. In case I miss mentioning you here.

Here are the top Entrecard Droppers:
E-business Ideas 25
Use it Play it Test it 22
Health Nut Wannabee Mom 18
m r z h a n e b l o g 17
My Life At Ninety: Looking Back and Moving On 16
Prove Me Wrong 14
PC World 14
Asdquefty's Journal 14
What's new In? 14
High Quality Pictures 13

Special Thanks for Directing Others to my blog:

Blog Catalog (various places) 30
From My Blogger Profile (following comments) 21 10
SledChix She linked to my blonde joke 5

Other Known Linkers (not already mentioned):
Rob's Megaphone
First Door on the Left
Ironic Surrealism II
Wunderful Wurld

Anyways - just spreading the love - if I missed your and link and failed to mention you, don't be mad, just tell me in the comments! I will correct the problem. :)


  1. Thanks for paying if forward. Yours in blogdem.
    Dr. Rob

  2. Barry
    Thanks so much for the linkage. 'Preciate it. :)

    - VH
    Ironic Surrealism II

  3. Rob - Thanks for stopping in and for the linkage!

    VH - You are welcome!

  4. Hey Barry! Thanks for the link love--both for SledChix and DiggIt!

  5. sledchix - you are welcome!

  6. Thanks for the link, I've added you to my blogroll. Take Care.


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