Entrecard – The Things I Do to Get Traffic

OK, one day I found out about Entrecard. Now, I wish I could credit the person who showed this to me, but I really don’t know how I found the site. If you do not know what Entrecard is, basically it is sort-of a social networking site – that gets people to visit others blogs.

It works like this:
After you log in, you “drop” in on other people’s blogs. See the little square in the sidebar with “Get One” under it (it says “Drop” if you are signed into Entrecard). That is an “ad for another Entrecard-er’s blog. You can advertise on other blogs with credits earned. The more drops you do, the more credits you get.

The way that you know who has dropped in on you is by the drops inbox. I usually hit everyone at least once that has been into my inbox. If I pass by another blog some other way – and I see an Entrecard, I always drop on it.

Some people are addicted, for me, many pages load slow, so I do it as I am typing or reading other things. What I do, is I visit my inbox, and I hold down the Ctrl key and click on about 5 drops. This opens each one in a new tab. I type or read as the pages load. I am doing it right now as I am writing this post… gee aren’t I clever. So I take a few minutes at a time to do this. If I were to wait on all pages to load, I would be really frustrated with it.

So I came across a post on
Brownie Mom’s blog. It is about what blog has an article or post that makes you read more than just glance at the blog. I guess her blog wins, because I stopped and read it. I am not sure I will do this every Saturday, but I am doing it today. ⌣

Weekly Favorite

Entrecard does increase blog traffic – I guess it depends on how many drops you can make. I definitely get more visitors the more I drop. I also reward droppers by displaying links of recent droppers over there ▬►

I even drop on a Wordpress blog, even though I don’t use it, who knows maybe we will find something useful to trade between us.

Now some Entrecard-ers like to play hide and seek with their Entrecard widget. I will tell you, if I cannot find it, I won’t be back, unless I just plain like your blog anyways :P

One of the coolest things about Entrecard, is it introduced me to Blog Catalog by accident. I saw one of those recent visitor’s box things and decided I wanted one…

I know this is not a “Be You Own Detective” kind of post, just think of it as how I investigated ways to get more blog traffic! There are all sorts of helpful things in the side bar or on my home page to help with that.

All else is good, thanks for stopping by and be safe!!


  1. Hi Barry,

    You made me smile. Thank you.

    Mr. Linky is just under my blog post each Saturday. You just put your name in the name slot and the link to your Saturday post in the URL spot and click "enter"

    I popped this post in there today. :-)

    Hope to see you next Saturday. I'd love to read about your favorite Entre-Find for next week!

    Love you blog!
    Shelly M.
    The Mom With Brownies

  2. MWB:I was glad to make you smile. We will see next week what I do :P

    OK, I double checked, and from where I am there is no box. Maybe it is an IE thing, or maybe it is "filtered" out where I am

  3. EntreCard made me find you...which goes without saying that it is working!

  4. Hmmm...this sounds interesting. I'm gonna check it out - thanks!


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