Be Your Own Detective - More Dumb Criminal Stories

I was going to make two different posts the last two days. Well, between power outages and lack of transportation to where I could properly log-on to blogger, my posts kept getting not quite done! So to play is "safe" I am posting stuff I have saved on my computer. Some days I can be almost clever.

Here are two more "award winning" dumb criminal stories!

First, there is the clever robber who was going to sneak away with his lights off!

Meet Joseph Williams, accused of robbing Kelly's Gulf in East Stroudsburg. Then he drove away with his lights off and ran a red light, which everyone knows is how you avoid drawing attention to yourself. Oh, and police say he's on the Gulf station's video. He's a star!

I found that story here.

Then there is the guy that was dumb enough to be caught by the same sting, not once, but twice!

Eddie Robert Ramirez, the loser deluxe charged with stealing a police bait car just five days after being released from prison for – guess what? – stealing a police bait car.

Prison sure taught him a lesson, didn't it?

I found that story here.

Sometimes, people make it so obvious that they get caught really easily. Then, of course, you have those who are clever enough not to stand out.


  1. I just love reading these stories. I can never imagine how people doing these things think they are actually going to get away with it. I laughed so thank you!

  2. HNWBM - Yeah I came across these the other day - I have a few more, but I am saving them for later :P

    wigwam- Thanks and thanks for stopping by!

  3. LOL! great post on the dumb criminals. i've been perusing your blog and have found some very useful information here.

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the kudos!


  4. maria- you are welcome! I am glad I had something useful.

  5. Great stories, I used to work in a prison quite some time ago now ....and the stories from there make for a good laugh over a beer!

  6. CHrissy - yeah the funny things people do - even the criminals :)


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