Be Your Own Detective - Investigation Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes to be a good investigator may seem to be “cold hearted.”

I was thinking about “unsolved cases” and realized that the reason some cases remain unsolved was because of mistakes made early on in the investigation. One of the mistakes and investigator sometimes makes is they are worried about thing like hurting the feelings of family members or others related to the case. Another mistake is taking into account politics when conducting the investigation. Let’s look at these two factors-

Avoiding “hurt feelings”

The most popular case that comes to mind, where avoiding hurt feelings hindered the investigators is the JonBenet Ramsey Case. First, I am not finger pointing per say – I am not bad mouthing the investigators, it is easy to look back at a case, and comment on it compared to how things look like when you are in the middle of it. It is obvious though, that pressure from the press, and who knows where else, and avoidance of offending family members resulted in the investigators not looking as hard at family members as they could have. This is why I say and investigator sometimes has to be “cold hearted.”

The investigators knew that in the majority of child murder cases like this, a family member is the one who committed the murder. That is not always the case – there is the occasional serial killer or the pedophile that ends up murdering a victim to try to cover his other crime.

Taking in account politics:

Now in one way you need to look at politics in the case it may be a motive for the crime. On the flip side – you cannot worry about political repercussions in your case because you find something out. The biggest problem with this is the media. They always want to know , or feel they have a “right to know” about investigations before they are complete. It is normally just plain stupid to release any information about a case before the investigation is complete. There are a few exceptions: You may want to bait the criminal – call him out, so to speak. The other is, you may need to warn the public, or you may need the public’s assistance with finding a suspect or vehicle. Other than those two reasons – the best thing said about an ongoing investigation is nothing. Of course, private investigators violate the law if they discuss their cases with anyone (unless the client directs them to).

So what does all this mean to you if you want to be your own detective? It means that you may not always be popular while conducting your investigation. It is highly possible you will piss people off, or offend someone when conducting the investigation. Remember Death records are a sure-fire find for someone, yet people are sometimes offended if you check there.

Y'all stay safe!


  1. I still wonder about the Jon Benet case and who did that to her. I think it would be hard to be a detective but I agree that in order to get the job done sometimes you have to be unpopular. By the way I just mentioned you in my post since you were kind enough to comment on PMS last time:)

  2. HNWM - Yay! I get a more mentions! Thanks


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