Be Your Own Detective - Bring Families Back Together

OK, I have another real life story to tell you. It started off when a friend contacted me and said I bet you cannot find Joe (alias name).

Well, so far I have lost that bet. I wonder what I owe on that bet.

I found some old information on Joe, but nothing current. I had found his date of birth, an old address, old phone number. I just have not been able to track him down. I checked jail records and death records (morbid, I know). Those are the places you usually find folks that others do not think to check.

Now, for the turn in the story... My friend said that she had another person to find. This time it is her estranged father. I checked several public records and even some detective sites, only to have a dead end.

I tried using the Net Detective, but they are clever enough to know I was checking from Africa, and they do not let people in Africa use their services. (probably a really good thing).

I contacted the service department and told them my situation. They were able to verify that I am me (ok kind of a dumb statement, but true).

So thanks to the great customer service of the Net Detective, I was able to finally use it. The Net detective found the long lost dad.

Now daughter and father can be together for Father's Day! - Can I hear a heartfelt "awwww" - I am not being facetious either. OK, I know this story has a plug, but if you really want a "people finder" that works, and is a great deal - try the Net Detective.

Stay Safe!


  1. Best story Barry. The pic is sweet.
    And now I can finally say,

    "Happy Father's Day"

    wishing u the best
    Sara Davis

  2. Sara - thanks for the happy Father's Day. Yes, so far this is the best story I have had.


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