Be Your Own Detective and Social Network With Blog Catalog

This is an odd post for Be Your Own Detective. This is kind-of-sort-of inspired by two folks over at Blog Catalog. One has a great post about how great Blog Catalog is.
The other is Jeunelle . She had asked me to be a guest blogger about social networking and such.

I am not all that good at social networking, and I do not claim to be an expert.

That said, here is what I do know.
Blog Catalog has helped me tweak this blog to be better than when I started, I have received help from fellow bloggers and enjoyed some increased blog traffic from fellow BC-ers.

So maybe, just maybe you don’t know what Blog Catalog is. Well if you scroll down my sidebar, you will see a bunch of little boxes with faces/pictures of fellow BC users that have visited my blog. It is almost a way to spy on them (hee hee). Hey, I had to get some kind of detective/spy thing running through here!

Anyways, r
obertstevenson explains it better in his post about how it all works, so go by and see it. Yes I crammed his name all together for a reason.

I have met several “blog friends” at Blog Catalog, and it has been very positive. Sometimes we get into all sorts of discussions, some are even actually useful.

So if you are a BC-er, stoop by a sec and leave a comment. If not, you may want to
stop by BC.

Gee, now I feel like I need to have a second post about more social networking.
--- Now the only problem is all the folks that I have left out of this post from BC...


  1. Hey, Thanks a bunch for the shout out. I'll shout back by linking your post on Rob's Megaphone. I am also joining your neighborhood.

  2. I appreciate your visits to my blog, Barry. Feel free to stop back, anytime. I find your particular experience and background to be fitting for value contribution to my weird little niche blog.

  3. Thanks Jack - I like your wierd little niche blog

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