Surveillance Tip - Static Vehicle Surveillance

When you want to be your own detective, sometimes you need to conduct static vehicle surveillance, you must be far enough away and inconspicuous. If you can see them, they can see you.

You can get close if you have the proper surveillance vehicle (like the ones shown). Otherwise, you will stand out like a sore thumb.

Here are some common things that give you away: On hot days, air conditioner condensation pooled under the vehicle. On cold days, the heated exhaust can be seen from the running engine. What am I saying here? If you need to keep the engine running - you are likely to be noticed. Where I am from in South Texas, you cannot sit in a closed vehicle in the Summer and survive. The temperature will get hot enough inside most cars to cook meat. So you will need special equipment or to keep the car running with the A/C on to keep from being cooked alive.

Here are some handy tips:

  • So, stay way back. If possible become "invisible."
  • An appropriate magnetic sign (like a cable company or termite service) with a hard hat and worker's vest can make you much less of a worry to people who do see you parked.
  • Have a pee bottle. Yeah you may have to wait a while and a pee bottle can be a life saver.
  • Do NOT take a big Gulp or other ginormous drink with you (see above).
  • Make sure your camera/video recorder has good batteries
  • Have a pen and pad handy to take notes. (on a clipboard is better and it goes with the hard hat)
  • If you have a team (can be just a friend) Switch vehicles and locations.
  • If you can park in a crowded parking lot, that gives you great cover, and you are a lot less likely to be noticed.
  • The Best Tip - do surveillance from a building instead of a vehicle.
Note: if the Police come to check you out, you are busted. You may want to tell them what you are doing, since being a stalker is against the law. If they look in the car and see the notes and the camera, they are likely to know what you are doing. You could make up a story about suspecting that your spouse has a girlfriend/boyfriend in the neighborhood (unless that really is what you are doing). Or you could say you were supposed to meet someone about buying a dog. The main point is, if the Police check you out - you were standing out, and you need to try something else.

I hope these tips help you to "be your own detective"

Stay Safe!


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