Be Your Own Detective Surveillance Tip - Conducting Moving Surveillance

OK, we are talking about the tail. If you have a TV detective car like a fancy sports car or classic muscle car, you will be noticed in a heartbeat. TV badguys are blind to such thing, but not real life people.
Not like this:

Not even like this:

This still won't cut it.
Maybe something like this...

Or maybe like this:

If at all possible have a team of at least two, if not three chase vehicles. With one car it is very hard to not be "made." With multiple vehicles you can pass the car off you are following to each other.If you cannot do that, try the following tips: (get it, following tips? - I know, bad!)

The first tip is to have a nondescript car of nondescript color. Like the pewter color sedans and such. A four door is better than a two door. In Texas, and some other places a pickup or Suburban is as "non descript" as the next car. No brite color cars with distinctive features - so those of you with your "pimped out" rides with spinners are out of luck.

The next tip is to use cover. Not hard cover as in a gunfight, but cover as in keeping vehicles between you and the car you are tailing. If they pull into a parking lot or down a neighborhood street, try to avoid using the same street and entrance. Be aware of traffic light problems. Pay attention to where the vehicle you are following is going, you may be able to parrallel it in some cities.

The point is, it is nothing like TV, do not be too close, but sometimes in traffic with signals, you need to be close enough to make the lights.
...and most of all, Be Safe!

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