New Not So Secret Driver's License Search

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Sshhhhh!! Don't tell anyone about this absolutely free site!

You know what is great about me having my own "Be Your Own Detective" site? Well, my mom sent me this really
cool driver's license lookup site in my email.

It is not a complete background check or instant background search or anything like that, but you will see an electronic display of your driver's license (if you run your own) It touts itself like this:
National Motor Vehicle License Organization web site - offering a free searchable database of over 121 million U.S. driver's license photos. Search using the box below.

It is totally free! I suggest you check it out immediately! This is one of those sites you will want to pass to all of your friends for sure!

And yes, I do have a sense of humor :))


  1. Loved it! It looked just like me!


  2. It is so almost what a lot of my stuff does, I just though it was funny!

  3. I think this is a blatant invasion of my privacy! Big Brother really is watching.. It's not my fault I was hung over and having a bad hair day. Do they have to publicize it?!?!

  4. Yeah, I know - definitely a big brother thing going on :))

  5. Good! I need to lighten up my blog!


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