It Is So Easy a Pig (Boar) Can Do It!

So you want to be able to catch a bad guy? Check out what these wild boars did:

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police pursuing a car thief through a dark forest turned rescuers when the man became cornered by a family of angry wild boar.

Officers caught the man's passenger after the pair rammed into a squad car on a cross-country chase and leapt from the stolen Opel, police in the eastern city of Schwerin said.

But they initially lost track of the 18-year-old driver during the night-time pursuit when he fled deep into the forest.

"Then he ran into the family of boars, and the head of the family squared up to him," a police spokesman said on Friday. "So he stood there, put his hands up, and called for help."

Officers rescued the man from the boars, then arrested him.
I found the story here:

That is right - and now I am expecting all the "pig" jokes and such. Poor traumatized crook huh? I guess just another dumb crook. At least one outsmarted by wild boars.

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  1. I love it! Where do you find these things!!!!?? Good for the wild boars.


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