Instant Background Checks - What No One Really Wants to Know

What no one really wants to know, is that the new really nice guy they just let move in to the complex, is really a convicted felon. Or maybe you don't really want to know that the receptionist you just hired is on probation for theft by check. She seems nice enough and she is pretty, and visitors seem to like to interact with her.

The reason you do not want to know these things is simple. It is too late! You already like the guy that moved in to the complex. You like the new receptionist and the customers like her too. So why did you wait to run a background check? Did you procrastinate? Were you too cheap? Are you too cheap to prevent theft from your own business? I know it wasn't time. Remember, the title of this post is about INSTANT background checks. If you are reading this, you have no excuse to not conduct one. All you have to do is fill out the box on the right and start. It really is not that hard to do.

Maybe you do not like the way that one works, well then click the Net Detective link above. They both have a quality product and are easy to use.

But wait! I know that I cannot refuse to hire someone just based on a background check! That is not really the case, you can simply ask and confirm the information in the background check in the job interview.

Anyways, it is your money, your security. If you trust your gut, that is fine with me, but why not take out a little insurance (so to speak). It will be the best 30 bucks you spent this year. :)

Stay Safe!

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