Dumb Law Makers, Dumb Crooks, and Dumb Cops

Dumb Law Makers:

New York Wants To Punish Criminals For Incriminating
Selves On YouTube

We've been seeing plenty of stories lately that incorrectly place the blame when people film themselves doing something illegal and put that video online. This should be something where politicians and the police should be thrilled. After all, it makes it that much easier for the police to find them, arrest them and convict them of a crime. If people are so stupid to post evidence of their crime in public, then isn't that a good thing?

Yet, politicians who incorrectly like to put the blame for the crime on the video of the crime, come up with harebrained proposals like a new one in New York that will make putting a video of yourself committing a violent crime online a felony in itself (above and beyond whatever charges you might face for the violence). Think about that for a second. New York politicians are basically telling people that they'll get charged with even greater crimes if they decide to incriminate themselves by posting evidence online. This makes no sense. The reasoning behind the bill is that politicians believe people are committing these kinds of crimes for the publicity in the first place.

The thinking is that such crimes wouldn't happen at all if they couldn't be put online. However, that's rather meaningless. If someone is going to commit a violent crime -- punish the violence itself. Not the fact that the idiots handed over the evidence as part of a publicity stunt. If the (small number) of idiots who commit violent crimes and post the videos online are getting caught and arrested for the violence itself, shouldn't that act as enough disincentive?

Dumb Criminals:

Criminals lend a hand to law enforcement

You'd think people would have enough sense to leave
illegal drugs at home when they go to the courthouse. But no.

Last week, St. Clair County bailiff Josh Pea arrested a man for carrying illegal drugs -- the third such arrest in less than a week. "I just like my weed," the man reportedly said as he was carted off to the St. Clair County Jail.

Well, we like it when stupid criminals make law enforcement's job so easy. These sort of arrests happen all the time at the courthouse checkpoints.

Maybe it's time for Sheriff Mearl Justus to invite criminals in for free athletic shoes as he did some years ago. Based on what goes on at the courthouse, they'd no doubt fall for it again.
Dumb Cops:

Guns missing from Houston police room
© 2008 The Associated
HOUSTON — For months, maybe years, people with criminal backgrounds had access to secure areas of the police station, including a property room from which 30 guns disappeared within six months, according to internal police documents.

The documents, obtained by the Houston Chronicle, indicated that lax security created an environment ripe for theft.

No one has been charged in the gun thefts, although police suspected telephone repairmen who admitted stealing other items, and a temporary employee who had access to the property room while awaiting trial on aggravated robbery charges.

Police say they have improved security including adding cameras, and they plan to open a new, $13.8 million property room next year.

Is there anyone whop can tell me why the police had a temporary employee watching the property room that was awaiting trial for aggravated robbery?


  1. Grrr, don't even get me started on the stupidity of lawmakers!!!!


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  3. This is hysterical. How can people be so ridiculous?

  4. HNWM : I don't know. It is funny the stuff people do.


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