Boycott eBay on May 1st?

I found out about this boycott on Squidoo. The lensmaster has a blog here.

There are many eBay users and many who use eBay to conduct business that say to boycott eBay on May first. Apparently, eBay is trying to "clean up their act" and get rid of the "flea market" feel for the sit. Funny, it seems that they forgot what made them so big in the first place. It wasn't the big stores and power users - it was all of the occasional users and sellers of items.

I have an internet business (duh, like here) and I feel for all the little guys getting the squeeze by eBay.

I guess they (eBay) finally got too big for their britches. I have used eBay a few times, sometimes useful, sometimes not. I will likely use them off and on again, if I cannot find something elsewhere. But for now, I will join the one day boycott too. :)


  1. me and my sons also buy things from didn't know there is a proposed boycott or could it be only on ebay international?

    what's new here in the philippines is that there is a move to prohibit selling digital/electronic items because a lot of problems between buyers and sellers came out after the deals.

    i wonder if it includes xbox games because they're all that my sons are buying via ebay. you know, it's cheaper and they are original.

  2. From what I read, the boycott is for all of eBay - for one day. I am not sure how many regular shoppers will do it.

    I don't know what eBay is stopping in the Philippines.

  3. Thank you for linking to my Squidoo lens. The global boycott has actually turned into more of a migration of buyers and sellers away from eBay and onto alternative sites. You can learn more at and by visiting my lens at as I am continously updating it. And by the way, I have several blogs and sites. ;) Blessings, sylvia


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