Web Investigator - A Great All-IN-ONE Tool

The Web Investigator is a great all in one tool so you can be your own detective. It has the most comprehensive search choices I have seen one the internet. Now I know you can search many public records for free on the internet, the problem is, you have to do a one by one search and you have to know where to search. Let's say you are looking for someone who lived in Texas last year. You can Search all sorts of Texas stuff. The problem is, if you didn't know that he lived in Oregon 5 years ago, you would not know to search there. The Web Investigator searches ALL Over.

Here are the kinds of searches you can do: Business Report, Background Report, Person Report,Check Your Date, Nanny Check, Identity Verification, People Search, Enhanced Phone Search, Investigate Anyone, Classmate Search, Find Friends, Find Relatives, Arrest Records, Court Records, Criminal Records, DUI/DWI Records, Felony/Misdemeanor, Sex Offender, Bankruptcies, Birth Records, Divorce Records, Legal Judgments, Marriage Records, Property Records, Reverse Address, Reverse Cellphone, Reverse Email, , Reverse Phone, Unpublished Phone, Reverse SSN

Do you need to search for or on anyone? Web Investigator has the best "bang for the buck" of all the services like it on the internet.

What kind of database does it have? See for yourself:

Public records on file: 1,247,528,873
Database photographs on file: 1,592,733
New records added in the past 7 days: 642

That was as of today :)

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