Reverse Phone Lookups

So you want to be your own detective? Why is that? Is it because of curiosity or suspicion? What is motivating you? If you plan on using investigation techniques to get back at someone or to harass someone, or maybe worse, then GO AWAY! For those of you that have legitimate reasons, welcome.

I will cover all sorts of things investigative. I won't make you a licensed investigator, but I hope to give you some decent tips.

First, I will compare reverse phone lookups:

There are three that all work well, and it is simply a matter of your preference. Many others out on the net are totally worthless.

The best in my opinion is the Reverse Phone Detective. After 100's of checks it proved basically
98% effective with reverse cell phone lookups and 97% effective on unlisted numbers. It is fast and accurate. The best part is - no information available, no charge!

A close second in my opinion is Reverse Mobile. It gives you good fast reports too. After hundreds of checks it proved about 79% effective. The price is the same for premium service which I highly recommend. It means unlimited searches for a year.

The next best, and about as effective as the others is the Reverse Genie. Reverse Genie has other reverse lookups (a real plus) but was just slightly less effective as the others purely on cell phone reverse lookups. If you expect to do all sorts of reverse lookups, perhaps Reverse Genie would serve you best.

Just a few years ago, as an Investigator, I did not have all of this instant information available, and a warrant had to be issued, etc. Now, you can do it on your own.

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