Finding Sex Offenders Near You

Anyone should be able to run a sex offender check and be notified when they move in near you.

I Recently saw an article in Google News:

Sex offender alert system aids Monterey County residents
The Salinas Californian

Do you know where your neighborhood’s sex offenders are?
Thanks to a new e-mail notification system, residents of unincorporated Monterey County can know instantly when a released sex offender has moved into their community.

On Monday afternoon, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office unveiled its “OffenderWatch” online database at 1414 Natividad Road in Salinas.

Similar to the information provided under Megan’s Law, which has provided online data on request about sex offenders in California cities since 2004, the new system provides details on sex offenders living in unincorporated areas of the county.

But the Web site has one key difference compared with Megan’s Law, Kanalakis said: instant notification via e-mail whenever a registered sex offender moves within a one-mile radius of the address entered on the site. Residents can enter schools, day cares and work sites as well as their home addresses.

“Any person can sign up for this free e-mail notification system,” said Sheriff Mike Kanalakis at the event. “You’re going to get information pretty much at lightning speed whenever a sex offender registers.”

But of the 600 to 700 registered sex offenders residing within the county, he said, only 92 currently live in unincorporated areas and are covered by the Web site.
Kanalakis said the automatic monitoring system, which is used by a number of law enforcement agencies nationwide, provides information including a physical description, photo and a map of an approximate location of the offender’s home.

Other tools available on the Web site include safety tips for residents living near a sex offender, signs to watch out for in a sexual predator and downloadable information which can be shared within community-based groups.

The Sheriff’s Web site emphasizes, however, that the information provided is for awareness purposes only and not for taking action against offenders. Anyone who suspects such an offender of suspicious or illegal activity is urged to report all such information directly to Sheriff’s deputies.

Yeah for them! The Good news is this - you do not have to be a resident of Monterey County. You can sign up for the National Alert Registry Now! This is what it does:

How do I discover if new predators move into my area?

With National Alert Registry, you don't need to scour the Internet or visit your local police station to get this information. From the privacy of your own home, you will receive RED ALERT notifications delivered directly to your email address each time our database is updated with new information that affects you.

What is a RED ALERT notification?
Though sex offender registration information is often available if you take the initiative and hunt it down yourself, National Alert Registry removes this burden and gives you peace of mind by instantly notifying you via email when our database has been updated with new offenders. Your customized Red Alert notifications will keep you "in the know" and armed with the information you need to protect yourself and your family from dangerous sexual predators!

I highly recommend the National Alert Registry - Especially for parents.

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