Be Your Own Detective ...the online business

I finally got the website up:

It is touted as: the right place to start your own online investigation. Whether you are just trying to locate someone or you need to conduct your own background investigation, this is the right place. Use the same tools private investigators use to locate people check out your date, do a nanny background check, verify someone's identity, check arrest records, check criminal records, check court records like bankruptcies, divorces, and legal judgments. Get sex offender reports, birth records, DWI and DUI records. Find information like property records, business filings and more!...I have a few "sister sites" too. It looks good so far, but it still has a ways to go. One of the things I am excited about, is the fact that you have instant access to searching state records of each state in the US. Now, I am just waiting on indexing. I can't wait for it to show up in the search engines.

There is still lots of work: short lessons on how to do stuff and my online course. I will also compare online detective programs there. Lots of good stuff.

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